Friday, 18 July 2014

Hotels in Gwalior-Easy way to stay in Gwalior

Gwalior’s tradition as a royal capital continued till the formation of present day India, with the Scindias having their dynasty seat here. In this historical city, the magnificent mementoes of a glorious past have been preserved with care which gives Gwalior an appeal unique and timeless beauty. Gwalior’s history is tracked back to a legend. The city was renamed after Gwalipa, a saint who had saved the chieftain of the city. The new city of Gwalior became over the centuries the cradle of great dynasties and with each, the city gained new dimensions from warrior kings, poets, musicians and saints contributing to making it a capital renowned throughout the country. The history of the city might pull you to visit the place. While visiting the place you can make your stay in any one of the cheap hotels in Gwalior. If this is your first visit to the place and wish to make it as the long lasting memory? Then make your stay in any of the star hotels in Gwalior.

Gwalior is situated at 76 miles south of Agra in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The various tourist attractions in Gwalior are one of the finest tourist destinations in India. The various tourist attractions in Gwalior are hugely responsible for the huge influx of tourists. Tourist attractions in Gwalior, a historical town bearing witness to several significant historical incidents, the city of Gwalior offers numerous tourist sites for the travelers. The tourist attractions in Gwalior see several footfalls of numerous tourists from far and wide all through the year. So, if you have a plan of visiting this beautiful city then make your stay comfortable in any of the luxury hotels in Gwalior to create a long lasting memory.

The Gwalior Fort stands on a hill by a poll the waters of which are supposed to have cured his leprosy. The outer wall of the fort measures 3.2 km in length and 35m in height and a steep road leads up to the fort. On both sides of this road are situated several beautifully cut Jain statues. Man Mandir Palace buit by Man Singh Tomar between 1486 and 1516, the Man Mandir is a huge palace which attracts huge number of tourists every year. The Chitra Mandir or the palace of paintings, it exhibits tiled and painted decorations of peacocks and several other birds. Top star hotels in Gwalior have their branches in this city so it is always easy to make a satisfying stay.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Top Schools in Thane – What Makes them Stand out From the Rest

Every time a new school year comes around, most parents look around at the top 10 schools in Thane to put their children there. Some parents may be happy with the schools in which their children are currently studying, while others may constantly be looking for other options to ensure the best type of education for their children.

So, what makes the top 10 schools in Thane stand out from the hundreds of schools in the city? Let’s take a closer look at some of the amenities as well as education levels that these schools offer, which make them different from the other schools. First and foremost, these schools provide good education. Whatever be the type of education system they follow, these schools ensure that their students get the best possible education. In order to make sure of it, they appoint experienced teachers who have ample expertise in their chosen subject. Plus, these schools have a good track record of their performance in public examinations.

Another factor that makes these schools in Thane stand apart from the rest is their culture. Each school has its own unique culture that defines the school and its students. Some schools may take a rigid disciplinarian approach to education while others believe in giving the children a lot of freedom to explore. When you are looking at a school for your child, consider their culture before you make a choice. For your child to be able to perform well in studies as well as other extra-curricular activities, he or she should feel happy and comfortable in the school.

The infra structure is a very important aspect that determines the popularity of a particular school. The basic requirement of most schools is spacious classrooms and a large playground. Schools in Thane that meet these requisites are sought after when compared to other schools that have tiny buildings and hardly any play area.

The top schools are popular simply because their students take part in a lot of interschool activities. Plus, the students will also be a part of many district and state level competitions. Parents prefer such schools because their children will have an added advantage of being able to participate in such events.

Finally, if you look at the top 10 schools in Thane, you will see that they are generally well established schools that have been running for quite some time or schools that boast of international facilities.